HOw to setup metronom or tempo on nuendo

Metronom or tempo in nuendo is very important,i can't imagine a song without using this is the way i usually use :

1.Open Project-----------> tempo track you can set the tempo by dragging the line up and down and feel free to see the picture below or you can also type the number there :


2.And set up the sound Transport--------->metronom you may choose the sound of metronom and you can change with drum sound too (make sure you already installed the drum software such as groove agent,bfd etc,or from nuendo it self called LM drum.(see pic below)


3.Activate metronom by clicking the "click"
(see the yellow sign)to listent the choosen sound.
catatan :if there is no sound please check midi port/Channel setting (use step no 2)
if you use drum sound activated it first by pressing F11 (vst instrument)and choose
your drum
transport panel

see also how to record sound on nuendo


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