How to create mailing list on blogger

If you want to make mailing list to put on your blog you can try this step:

1.Sign up to your google account
2.and then create group account there by selecting "Create a Group."

3.Fill all data and describing your blog.

4.Type your friend's email that you want to invite to join your new group.

5.Back to you blogger account and go to dashboard,and then click setting and place your "BlogSend Address" and enter the email addres of group you just create.

6.Back again to your Google group's homepage tand click "Tune Your Group's Settings."
and choose "Get a Promotion Box for Your Website" and there will be a html code in "Subscribe Box for Your Web Page",then right-click and copy it

7.Back to"Dashboard" , choose "Layout," "Add a Page Element" and "HTML/Javascript." Paste the HTML and then hit "Save Changes" button.
8.Vew your beautiful blog


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